Risk, Audit & Compliance Manager

To further improve its corporate governance, Bancontact Payconiq Company is looking for an experienced Risk, Audit & Compliance Manager that will take the responsibility on those 3 domains of activity. The Risk, Audit & Compliance Manager will report directly to the Scheme Manager.

Main Responsibilities

The job consists of 3 main activities: Risk Manager, Internal Auditor, Compliance Manager covering all the activities of the Company. Some responsibilities related to the management of the Bancontact payment system (called the Scheme) are also part of the job.

As Risk Manager, you will:

  • Define the risk management rules of Bancontact and Payconiq products
  • Maintain and update the company’s corporate Risk Policy
  • Monitor the implementation of the Risk Policy, covering
  • Maintenance of the Risk registers
  • Follow-up of the Risk control measures
  • Keep the Risk Management of the company “State of the Art” and in line with the evolving requirements of the regulators (the Bancontact scheme is supervised by the Belgian National Bank)
  • Be the contact person for the external auditors with respect to Risks
  • Be the contact person for the regulator (the Belgian National Bank) with respect to Risks
  • Be a member of the Data Committee of the Company

As Internal Auditor, you will:

  • Maintain and update the Internal Audit Charter and the Audit & Risk Committee Charter.
  • Implement the Internal Audit Charter, including
  • Organize the Internal Audit activities of the company (draft yearly Audit plans, execution or coordination of internal audits, monitoring of results and formulate recommendations)
  • Reporting to the Management of the Company and to the Board through the Audit & Risk Committee
  • Liaising with the External Auditors
  • Be the contact person for the regulator (the Belgian National Bank)  with respect to Audit.

As Compliance Manager, you will:

  • Advise BPC teams (including, but not limited to, product team) in matters that involve an assessment on potential elements of compliance with the applicable laws
  • Maintain, update the corporate Compliance Policy and translate compliance policies to specific policies for each Business Domain;
  • Implement the Compliance Framework
  • Develop the Compliance Chart
  • Perform Risk Identification, Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting and Mitigation activities for the Compliance function
  • Advise management and provide proactive hands-on solutions 
  • Train BPC teams on compliance matters
  • Liaise with the external auditor & contact person of the regulator (the Belgium National Bank) with respect to Compliance
  • Be the BPC counterparty for compliance officers at BPC stakeholders
  • Align regularly with Security, Legal and DPO
  • Responsible of some activities related to the management of the Bancontact payment system (called the Scheme) 

Skills and Mindset

  • Education: Master’s degree in related discipline or equivalent proven experience
  • Experience in the payment industry is a plus
  • Minimum 5 years in an equivalent position
  • Fluency in Dutch and/or French and English is required
  • Excellent written communication skills, and ability to draft simple documents covering complex matters
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, and ability to translate technical concept into understandable notions and principles, speak with authority, influencing skills
  • Ability to recommend policy or strategic direction changes to management
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and high-level of maturity allowing to balance regulatory/risk perspective with business goals
  • Ability to execute processes and to supervise the execution of processes
  • Organized, autonomous, and pragmatic with sound judgment
  • Team player and coach able to provide guidance to people based on subject matter expertise
  • Customer orientation

What Bancontact Payconiq Company will offer you

A great challenge in a welcoming, positive and innovative environment! 

Bancontact Payconiq Company is the Belgian market leader in electronic and mobile payment services. We aim for easy, safe and efficient transactions. Anytime, anywhere. With your card or mobile phone. This makes us an ambitious company, focused on the perfect balance between reliability and user friendliness.

Working for Bancontact Payconiq Company therefore equals being part of a dynamic and talented team and contributing to the evolutions of the payment world of today and tomorrow.

Are you eager to strive for excellence, do you like a challenge and would you like to be part of a dynamic team?

Then make sure to send your CV and cover letter by e-mail to jobs@bancontactpayconiq.com