Bancontact Payconiq Company plays a leading role in new European Mobile Payments Association - EMPSA

publish date
3 September 2019

Seven mobile payment providers establish a new association to foster collaboration and international payments. EMPSA members* combine 25 million registered users, more than one million merchant acceptance points and more than 350 banks attached. The association aims to generally foster collaboration and to enable the use of the domestic mobile payments providers internationally.

"We are particularly proud that Bancontact Payconiq Company plays a leading role in the new association as a founding member. We firmly believe that collaboration between successful domestic providers can make the life of the consumer and  the merchant much easier. Our goal is that consumers use their preferred, reliable local app to pay abroad. We are confident that working together under the umbrella of the association will promote interoperability of mobile payment solutions and will build a true European alternative, so important for the European economy", Nathalie Vandepeute from Bancontact Payconiq Company explains.

* “Bancontact Payconiq Company” (Belgium), “Bluecode” (Germany, Austria), “MobilePay” (Finland, Denmark), “SIBS/MB WAY” (Portugal), “Swish” (Sweden), “TWINT” (Switzerland) and “VIPPS” (Norway)

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