A whistleblower is an individual (employee, former employee, contractor, candidate, supplier or partner representative, customer)  who brings to the attention of the Bancontact Payconiq Company an allegation of impropriety within the Company and that prevents the Company from meeting its legal obligations and/or from complying with generally accepted accounting principlesIf your request concerns an issue with the app or a payment, you can refer to our support team or share a complain via the complaint form. Only qualified whistleblowing cases will be handled via this dedicated channel.

The below list provides a non-exhaustive description of allegation types which qualify as whistle blower claims falling within the scope of our whistle blowing policy:

  • Internal business practices that are inconsistent with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Falsification, alteration, or substitution of Company records.
  • Violations of the Rules of Conduct, including:
    • Conflicts of interest.
    • Inaccuracy of books and records.
    • Sexual or moral harassment.
    • Discrimination.
    • Insider trading.
    • Collusion with Competitors.
    • Money laundering.
    • Failure to comply with the various Compliance programs of the Company.
    • Personal Data Breaches.
  • Authorizing, directing, or participating in serious breaches of Company policy; and
  • Deliberately failing to report serious breaches of policy, concealing such breaches, or deliberately withholding relevant information concerning a serious breach. 
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Your personal data will be processed to handle your request with confidentiality by specially trained Compliance staff member and in compliance with Bancontact Payconiq Company Privacy statement, accessible here.