Digital Payment Day

publish date
8 May 2019

Bancontact Payconiq Company supports Febelfin’s campaign to encourage digital payments.

That’s right – Febelfin invites all Belgian merchants, traders and consumers to opt en massefor digital payments this coming 11th May, on “Digital Payment Day”. 

In Belgium, mobile payments are very clearly on the rise. To demonstrate this fact, Bancontact Payconiq Company recorded no fewer than 34 million mobile payments last year – twice as many as in 2017!

According to a survey conducted by Febelfin, the main reason that many Belgians find themselves forced to pay for purchases in cash is because they can’t pay with a card or smartphone. This situation can be so irritating that quite a few of us have already walked out of a store because it didn’t accept digital payments! 

Click to download the full press release of Febelfin in Dutch or French.