Introducing the Payconiq operating fee for merchants: a fixed fee of 18 € per year

publish date
5 February 2024

The regulatory requirements for financial institutions are becoming more and more demanding. This generates additional costs for our company in the onboarding process, the administration and the management of a Payconiq merchant account.

Since the launch of Payconiq in 2016, we have never changed the pricing of a Payconiq transaction. We want to hold on to this competitive pricing on the market for as long as possible.    

Over the past few months, we witnessed a significant increase in operational costs, which is why we take the well-considered decision to introduce a yearly operating fee. So, instead of increasing the price per transaction, we introduce a fixed operating fee of 18 € per year (equals to 1,5 € per month). This way we don’t disadvantage merchants actively working with Payconiq.   

The operating fee of 18 € is per year and per merchant account.   


What’s included in the operating fee   

This fixed fee includes the onboarding process and the administration and management of a merchant account on the Payconiq platform. So, merchants can benefit from an easy payment solution that meets their expectations and those of their customers.    


The cost per transaction remains unchanged   

As already mentioned, we don't want to disadvantage merchants actively working with Payconiq. Therefor the cost per transaction of a Payconiq payment remains unchanged.      


Need more information?   

We created a dedicated page on our website which contains more detailed information, most common questions and our contact form to reach out to Support.   


Visit the operating fee page.