Pay by simply tapping your Bancontact card on the merchant’s smartphone.

publish date
6 July 2021

From now on, any small merchant, taxi driver or doctor can use their smartphone as a payment terminal. All customers have to do is tap the smartphone with their Bancontact card and the payment is made. ‘Tap On Phone’ is the name of the new innovation that European Neobank Viva Wallet brings to Belgium together with Bancontact Payconiq Company.

Covid-19 has seen Belgians start paying contactlessly in their millions with their Bancontact card, wearable or their own smartphone. But up until now, an in-store payment terminal has always been needed. Which is where Viva Wallet is bringing in a big change. This innovative European payment provider is offering merchants of all kinds a payment solution whereby they can accept card payments using their own mobile phone. By downloading the free Viva Wallet POS app on Android from the Google Play Store, traders can turn their mobile phone into a point of sale, enabling them to accept both contactless and PIN card payments. And no additional hardware or technical installation is required. The trader’s own smartphone acts as a payment terminal. 

And the customer? All the customer has to do is tap their Bancontact card on the merchant’s smartphone and – hey, presto! – the payment is made. No PIN is required for amounts under 50 euro, just like paying contactlessly at a conventional payment terminal. For amounts above 50 euro, customers can enter their PIN on the merchant’s smartphone and they receive proof of payment instantly by e-mail or text message. For the time being, the Viva Wallet POS app is only available on Android smartphones.

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