Podcast episode 2: “Festival visitors don’t want to waste any time at the counter, that’s why we have adopted a cashless system”

publish date
11 October 2022

Many music festivals switched to cashless in recent years. Paying your drinks with cash is often longer an option. In the second episode of our podcast series Paying Attention / Un conseil, ça paie, the organisers of the festivals Paradise City and Ronquières, talk about the success of cashless, but also about the challenges.

Listen to the second episode here: 

Dutch: http://payingattention.be/ 
French: http://unconseilcapaie.be/ 

In this new episode of Paying Attention / Un conseil, ça paie, organisers Gilles De Decker (Paradise City) and Gino Innocente (Ronquières) show themselves sharply convinced. "Festival visitors don't want to waste any more time at the counter, that's why we have adopted a cashless system”. 

“I don’t have any cash with me”

Rode Kruis Vlaanderen and Goodplanet also talk openly about the switch to mobile payments in this second episode. When collection donations, they still often encountered the excuse "I don't have any cash with me". By offering a mobile payment method, they are able to tackle that.