Podcast episode 3: What do frictionless payments mean and how does it work?

publish date
21 October 2022

Ordering food online and paying electronically with only one click. Often you can do this without even a card or card reader, that you never have at hand. It makes paying very easy. In episode 3 of the podcast series Paying Attention / Un conseil, ça paie, digital experts Dado Van Peteghem and Cédric Cauderlier discuss four examples of 'frictionless payments'.

Listen to the third episode here: 

Dutch: www.payingattention.be  
French: www.unconseilcapaie.be

"Apps and applications of frictionless payment often open the door to a group of users looking for a way to use a system in a low-threshold way." Dado Van Peteghem (Scopernia)
"Payment is a necessary thing. We want it to be fast and that's why the big e-commerce players offer one-click payment methods." Cédric Cauderlier (MountainView)  
Both experts and are very clear about what frictionless payment can mean for a user and for the company that wants to offer such payment option. 

Q-Park, MIVB/STIB, Uber Eats and HelloFresh
In this new episode of Paying Attention, four companies pass the review. Q-Park talks about how you can use an app to make frictionless payments in parking’s and MIVB/STIB about how you can open metro gates with your contactless bank card. In a more culinary vein, the podcast discusses how Uber Eats and HelloFresh make paying in their apps easier and what is the difference between a one-click payment and a recurring payment.